Titan Crushed!

Congratulations on Kindred's first free company victory over Titan Extreme!

Special thanks to Sporklift Mctot and our other new members for their experience and motivating everyone to tackle this extremely challenging fight! Also, thanks to Faoilleach and Tiri who already had the achievement but jumped in to help others get this done. This was a first-time win for most members, earning them the achievement Earth to Earth!

Let's help others get this knocked out and move on to Ifrit!

Particpants and loot winners:

  • Faoilleach Rathmourne
  • Rhono Mogpoo
  • Skylt Itarsyn
  • Sporklift Mctot
  • Tiri Thon
  • Rowyne Moonsong
  • Alaszar Silverwind
  • Eluri Olde  Tremor Earrings of Fending
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