Patch 2.4 Is Live!

Dreams of Ice Patch 2.4

Patch 2.4, "Dreams of Ice", the fourth major version update for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, is now live!  Dark forces stir, growing bolder by the day, but so too do mighty adventurers, never wavering in their duty to aid the realm.

Adventurers seeking a change of pace can slip through the shadows of Limsa Lominsa’s back alleys as a rogue, or master the arts of the Far East as a ninja.  Assist Alisaie on her quest and brave the crushing depths of the Final Coil of Bahamut to unearth the truth of the Calamity.  Accompany Hildibrand - agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire - on his latest caper.  Take up arms and brave new dungeons for untold spoils. Band together with the Crystal Braves and defy the snows to fast against a new primal threat - Shiva, the Lady of Frost.  Try your hand at new recipes and stake your claim in the bustling markets. From delving into dungeons to delivering moogle letters, there’s something for everyone here in Eorzea!

Visit the "Dreams of Ice" feature page or skip to the patch notes.

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