Ala Mhigo is at last free from imperial rule, but that liberty may prove fleeting as the Empire moves to reclaim this bloodied nation and subjugate all of Eorzea.  In their hour of need, however, they cannot turn to the Warrior of Light.  Nor to the Scions, who yet slumber, their souls adrift.  The realm is left to struggle without its saviors, for they have been beckoned beyond time and space to the First.  Here a new adventure begins in a world where light ushers all unto oblivion.  But hope is not yet lost, for where there is light there is shadow.

Achievements Have Come To FFXIV

Did you know that FFXIV is tracking your achievements?

For those who enjoy achievement systems (something you'll find in such games as World of Warcraft and Warhammer), FFXIV now has something like this as well!  You can find it on the Lodestone.


Kindred Returns!

Our story began several years ago on May 20, 2005.  A star-filled canopy stretched across the night sky in Vana'diel.  It was a new moon, a perfect time for a new beginning.

Five people were reuniting in Bastok - friends who had weathered many storms together, yet eventually followed different paths that led them apart.  But they found themselves drawn together once again to take up the adventurer's mantle under a unified name.

Kindred was born that night on Final Fantasy XI's Siren world.

The linkshell was so named because of an obvious truth:  friendship transcends all.  And it was because they valued friendship and respect above everything else that they succeeded where others had failed.  Kindred was formed as a tight-knit, mature, family-style linkshell and remained an active presence in FFXI for a very long time.

I'm proud to say that I was one of those five founders and a part of something that was truly special.  I have fond memories of those days.

I'm very excited to announce that Kindred is back, created in the same spirit and purpose, now venturing into the world of Hydaelyn and the lands of Eorzea.  We invite friends, old and new, to join us in Final Fantasy XIV on Besaid world.

Let's make some new memories!


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