About Kindred

Kindred is a mature family-style group that started as a linkshell and has expanded into a rank 30 free company.  We were founded on the principle that friendship and respect always come first.  Balmung was chosen as our home because of its great community, a place where we hope to find like-minded adventurers interested in exploring the game in a fun and casual environment.

  • Rowyne Moonsong
  • Eluri Olde
  • Dice Silverberg
  • Ebon Faewind

Respect Your Fellow Free Company Members
Treat others the way you would wish to be treated.  A little common courtesy goes a long way and ensures everyone a fun and pleasant atmosphere in which to play.  Rude or offensive behavior has no place in our family.

Respect Your Fellow Players
Remember that you not only represent yourself, but the free company as well.  Inappropriate behavior damages your own reputation and brings dishonor to us all.  MPKing, griefing, trolling, ninja looting, thievery, and other such acts are not acceptable.

No Drama
If you have a concern or issue, please think about the best way to voice it.  Is it something that should be done publicly, or would it best be taken to an individual?  Please try to be calm, mature and respectful.  We're all adults here.

No Cheating
Bots, hacks, and Real Money Trading (RMT) are against the game's terms of service.  Any member suspected of such activities will be removed from the free company without hesitation.


Our story began several years ago on May 20, 2005.  A star-filled canopy stretched across the night sky in Vana'diel.  It was a new moon, a perfect time for a new beginning.

Five people were reuniting in Bastok - friends who had weathered many storms together, yet eventually followed different paths that led them apart.  But they found themselves drawn together once again to take up the adventurer's mantle under a unified name.

Kindred was born that night on Final Fantasy XI's Siren world.

The linkshell was so named because of an obvious truth:  friendship transcends all.  And it was because they valued friendship and respect above everything else that they succeeded where others had failed.  Kindred was formed as a tight-knit, mature, family-style linkshell and remained an active presence in FFXI for a very long time.

Kindred now returns, created in the same spirit and purpose, to venture into the world of Hydaelyn and the lands of Eorzea.  We invite friends, old and new, to join us in Final Fantasy XIV on Balmung world.

Let's make some new memories!

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