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Change is coming to Eorzea. Ser Aymeric boldly paves the way for his people's salvation. Adventurers clash in combat at the Wolves' Den. Nashu continues her search for the gentleman inspector, Hildibrand. Fledgling adventurers sharpen their skills in the Hall of the Novice, seek guidance via the mentor system, and cut their teeth at Stone, Sky, Sea. Thrill-seekers brave Alexander: Midas, contest the might of Sephirot, and dive into new dungeons. There's even the orchestrion for connoisseurs of music.

The winds of change blow fiercely in The Gears of Change!

Eorzeapedia Exclusive Interview with Naoki Yoshida

Eorzeapedia Interview With Naoki Yoshida

From Eorzeapedia:

December brought change for Final Fantasy XIV that no one saw coming.  Hiromichi Tanaka, the game’s Producer stepped down, taking full responsibility for the poor condition of the game.  The development team was reshuffled and former Director Nobuaki Komoto shifted to Lead Game Designer.  We were then introduced to Naoki Yoshida, someone who no one had really heard of before. Now known to players as “Yoshi-P”, he took on the role of Producer/Director for Final Fantasy XIV.

Since then, he’s written numerous letters on the Lodestone which outline the changes the team is working on as well as a few personal touches here and there.  He’s already had several interviews with Japanese media outlets such as Famitsu and 4Gamer. He has just recently completed a visit to Square Enix’s headquarters in London to talk with a few European fan sites.  Now, it’s our turn.

We were invited to Square Enix’s El Segundo offices to sit down and chat with the team behind Final Fantasy XIV including Naoki Yoshida, Sage Sundi, Yasu Kurosawa and Robert Peeler.


Patch 1.15a Notes (02/02/2011)

Patch 1.15a is now live! All of the changes mentioned in recent days have been implemented, with a focus on improving playability and convenience via a number of system-side adjustments.

This will begin a series of small patches that attempt to get the game to where it should have been in September.  They are supposed to occur about every two weeks.  The new dev team most likely decided to go this route after the results of the Jan 1st player’s poll which indicated that rapidly occurring updates were important to the players.


Letter from the Producer, II (2/1/2011)

Hello again, everyone, and welcome to the second official Letter from the Producer.

View the complete letter here.

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