In Stormblood, Final Fantasy XIV's second expansion, adventure beckons beyond Aldenard.  Dangers await in Gyr Abania and the Far East.  Will you refine the skills of your time-tested professions, walk the path of the samurai, or perhaps master the arcane arts of the red mage?  Choose wisely and journey forth to explore lands unknown.  With the additions of swimming and diving, extensive battle system adjustments, and myriad improvements to other pre-existing systems, there is much to see and more to do in the far reaches of Eorzea and beyond!

Regarding an Issue with a Recent Windows Update : Follow Up (08/16/2013)

In regards to the Windows® Vista and Windows® XP issue that has been mentioned, if the Windows update that took place on Jul. 11, 2013 was done, we are announcing the workaround for the opening cut scene of the Windows® version not playing properly below. We please ask you to take time to read them.

Read on for details.

For those who have the corresponding update , please follow the directions on the page above, and go through the uninstall procedure for the update.

*After uninstalling the security update, and to prevent from any security issues, please update your anti-virus software to the most recent version. Please be aware.

For the security updates that have the Windows® Vista and Windows® XP issue resolved, Microsoft is currently preparing for the release. We will notify once it has been released, so please be patient until then.

Letter from the Producer, XLIX (08/16/2013)

Letter from the Producer, XLIX (08/16/2013)

FINAL FANTASY XIV fans the world round, the forty-nineth Letter from the Producer has arrived for your viewing pleasure!

Pore over the complete letter.

Beta Test Phase 4 Patch Notes (08/16/2013)

Beta Test Phase 4 Patch Notes (08/16/2013)

Since the FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Tester Forum is unavailable due to congestion, patch notes for beta test phase 4 has been posted on The Lodestone as a temporary measure. See here for more details.

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