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If you are interested in joining Kindred, we invite you to tell us a bit about yourself by following the format laid out in the Application Process.

TOPIC: Darbelisk Fenrir

Darbelisk Fenrir 21 Apr 2014 22:26 #3151

Name: Darbelisk Fenrir

Race and Clan: Male Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

Main Class(es): mains are Smn and Whm, but I have Pld Blm Brd and Drg 50 and DL geared

Time Zone: Central

Please list any Kindred member(s) that you know:

Please list your MMO history: ffxi, wow

If you played FFXI, please list your character name, job(s) and server: Darbelisk, on the Fenrir server. My mains were smn blu and blm

Are you willing to regularly access the Kindred website for news and information? Yes

Why do you wish to join Kindred? I quit the game back in Jan(I think lol) and just came back. My previous group also quit the game. I prefer friend/family ls/FC groups to play with and think Kindred would be a good fit. Look forward to hearing from you guys.
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Darbelisk Fenrir 21 Apr 2014 22:31 #3152

Hello, Darbelisk!

Welcome back to Eorzea! Send a tell to myself (Rowyne Moonsong) or one of our other officers (Eluri Olde, Darksage Prime, Dice Silverberg, Tiri Thon) in game and we'll see about getting you an invite!
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