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If you are interested in joining Kindred, we invite you to tell us a bit about yourself by following the format laid out in the Application Process.

TOPIC: Arrow Longshot

Arrow Longshot 09 May 2014 16:23 #3243



Main Class(es):Primary...Brd and Drg lvl 92 and 90, Secondary Pld and warr lvl 90, Blm and Smn lvl 88 and whm lvl 89, monk lvl 41.

Time Zone: eastern time zone

Please list any Kindred member(s) that you know: None,

Please list your MMO history: FFVII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, X-2, ff tactics, elder scrolls oblivion,

If you played FFXI, please list your character name, job(s) and server:

Are you willing to regularly access the Kindred website for news and information? yes

Why do you wish to join Kindred? Well, I am currently on the Odin server EU and will be transferring to Balmung server Saturday Sometime, also my current FC sucks I just join because they asked when I started back in September 2013. they are not a tight group we do not have no raid teams or anything. Its maybe 1 person currently in my FC that made it further than me. So looking at your website and researching seems like you all at least progress together, communicate, interact and help each other advice. I'm on T5 if I jump around long enough I will find a group to beat it with, but i been doing this since September. I defeated all primal and all this was by jumping from one party to another until I down it. My FC went down the Drain the original Master left and went to another server because the EU server was not working for him. I am doing the same. Everyone in the FC that I had a report with went to a new server or a new FC. I MUST OF MISSED THE MEMO. Ps. I think I can be very helpful
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Arrow Longshot 10 May 2014 13:12 #3244

Hi there Arrow, and thanks for your interest in Kindred.

While we'll be willing to accept you with open arms, there are a few things you should know. Kindred is more of a casual FC. We don't have set raid teams, but we do raids together all the time. To my knowledge, only two of us have downed turn 5 so far, and in my case I just got lucky. However starting on Monday we'll be tackling turn 5 as a group for the first time. Monday's are the only day we have scheduled raid content, and being included is dependent on you signing up via the calendar on this website. Having said that, there are constantly people grouping up to try different things together, or to help a new person beat something. Just not as formal as our Monday night raids.

We definitely are a tight knit group though. I joined this FC at the launch of 2.0, and I feel it was the best decision I could have made!

When you arrive on Balmung, feel free to look up any of the officers to get an invite or to ask some questions. Rowyne Moonsong (all powerful FC master), Eluri Olde (the masters hubby), Darksage Prime, Dice Silverberg, or Tiri Thon, me!
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Arrow Longshot 16 May 2014 14:29 #3256

What time are you guys usually on daily or have to catch you all. I tried the search on my menu but I think you have to be on for the search to work. I will try tonight.
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