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If you are interested in joining Kindred, we invite you to tell us a bit about yourself by following the format laid out in the Application Process.

TOPIC: Sporklift Mctot

Sporklift Mctot 28 May 2014 16:25 #3334

Name: Sporklift Mctot

Race and Clan: Lallafel

Main Class(es): Scholar! (ilvl 95), alt is Monk (ilvl 82)

Time Zone: Central

Please list any Kindred member(s) that you know: None (I had a conversation with Eluri Olde (Phabulass)

Please list your MMO history: Played FFXI for about a week on a friend's account when it launched. After that I played WoW from vanilla through Lich King in a pretty progressive couple of guilds. Next I played Aion until patch 2.5. I played FFXIV during 1.0 (got my goobbue mount!). Other than MMO's I've played about 4000 or so matches of League of Legends.

If you played FFXI, please list your character name, job(s) and server: I don't recall that info. as it was about a decade ago.

Are you willing to regularly access the Kindred website for news and information? Yes

Why do you wish to join Kindred?

This could be long, so hang in there, I'll do my best to be brief. Basically, the person that started the FC(and a high school classmate--another crazy story I'll have to tell sometime) I am currently in passed away from cancer. Since then, all of the members have quit (including myself). I eventually came back (about 2 months ago) with two of my real life friends. We have made it now to the point where we just can't progress a great deal further without more help. As adults, and long time friends (we're all high school friends) we are looking for group of people that are mature, want to progress, and won't mind our quasi-erratic schedules.
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Sporklift Mctot 28 May 2014 18:07 #3335

Hi, Sporklift!

First off... just so you know, it's impossible for me to say your name with a straight face, LOL. I bet you bring smiles to a lot of people. Silly lalas. :)

On a more serious note, I'm sorry to hear of the tragic passing of your friend. Sometimes things just aren't the same when the glue that holds the group together is gone.

I'm honored that you're looking for a new home with Kindred. We're a mature, family-style group with a lot of people being couples, family, and real life friends who come together in our own online family.

We're what I would consider to be a casual group, but we do actively progress through the game and have a lot of great players. We raid on Monday nights. We're currently working on downing Twintania in Coil Turn 5 and have next to tackle Titan Extreme as a free company.

That said, we're all about having fun and participating in content is optional. We have a pretty fair split between PST/CST/EST, early birds and night owls, and a couple people in wacky time zones like New Zealand, so you'll pretty much find people on all the time. We have no problem with whatever play schedule works for you.

My husband, Eluri, said that he talked to you and that you may want to speak with your friends before jumping in. Joining a free company is a big decision, especially when you're bringing other people with you.

We hope to hear back from you soon! :cheer:
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