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If you are interested in joining Kindred, we invite you to tell us a bit about yourself by following the format laid out in the Application Process.

TOPIC: Zel Seeker

Zel Seeker 19 Jun 2014 19:33 #3425

Name: Zel Seeker

Race and Clan: Hyur Midlander

Main Class(es): Marauder(27), Conjurer(17), Bard(34). Still working on becoming Warrior and White Mage. Enjoying all the classes I've played so far!

Time Zone: GMT -7 (USA West Coast)

Please list any Kindred member(s) that you know: None

Please list your MMO history: Everquest, Everquest 2, FFXI, WoW, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2

If you played FFXI, please list your character name, job(s) and server: Only played pretty casually when it first launched. Don't remember my server, but I mainly played BeastMaster and White Mage

Are you willing to regularly access the Kindred website for news and information? Absolutely.

Why do you wish to join Kindred?

First a bit about myself. I'm married and have 3 daughters and a full time job. This makes my play time very strange, and I'm usually up late into the night. It also makes it tough to stick to a consistent raiding schedule. I love MMOs but it's always been a bit of a challenge for me to join a guild, or in this case Free Company, due to my erratic play time. I guess you could say I am an ex-hardcore gamer. When I'm in the game I love to get fully immersed and pour everything into it to have a good time, raid, etc. but with my personal life it's tough to find enough time.

I'm looking for a group of people to get to know and enjoy the beautiful world of Eorzea. Some of my favorite MMO memories are with my guild from the original Everquest. Raiding was fun, but even more fun was playing with friends and going on crazy adventures, helping out friends with their Epic Quests, powerleveling guildmates, etc. Since then, MMOs I have played have been in a more solo environment,and I've missed having a guild to play with. I'm looking for a Free Company that is all about fun and getting to know each other rather than extreme raiding and progression. That stuff is still really fun, but I don't want a second job. I want to make friends and have a good time with like-minded adventurers!

I found Kindred by doing a google search for Balmung Free Companies, and it seems like you guys are right up my alley. I'd love to become a part of what seems to be a very cool, laid back, friendly Free Company.
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Zel Seeker 19 Jun 2014 20:25 #3426

Hi, Zel!

It indeed sounds like we may be a good fit!

Please contact one of our officers (Rowyne Moonsong, Eluri Olde, Darksage Prime, Dice Silverberg or Tiri Thon) in game and we'll see about getting you an invite! :)
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Zel Seeker 21 Jun 2014 08:57 #3427

Hey Zel! Welcome to our Company!

As a father of two daughters and one son myself, I can tell you this FC is very suited for parents like us. There is always someone willing to help you out, as we have members from all timezones. With the help of this FC I've now made it to level 44 on my bard, with a very irregular schedule. I hope you will enjoy your time here as much as I do!

See you online!
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