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If you are interested in joining Kindred, we invite you to tell us a bit about yourself by following the format laid out in the Application Process.

TOPIC: Dice Silverberg

Dice Silverberg 26 Dec 2010 22:35 #526

Name: Dice Silverberg

Race and Clan: Hyur Highlander

Main Class(es): Leaning toward Marauder

Time Zone: Eastern (US) - I tend to play most days, but the time of day varies.

Please list any Kindred member(s) that you know: None. (technically Striveldt as we are both in BASF, but I don't think we have ever met)

Please list your MMO history: FFXI (5 years); World of Warcraft (80 Druid/Death Knight/Hunter - but no dungeons or PVP); LOTRO and Everquest 2 to about level 20-25

If you played FFXI, please list your character name, job(s) and server: Diceman of Caitsith 75 Dragoon/Paladin/Monk, 75 Red Mage (not a "real" RDM, melee soloed from 32-75); most other jobs from 37-65. No endgame experience.

Are you willing to regularly access the Kindred website for news and information? Yes.

Why do you wish to join Kindred? It seems like a friendly, casual group focused more on enjoyment and relaxation than progression and endgame. My favorite aspect of FFXI was helping on AF, Nation Missions, Genkai/Subjob quests, and I think that spirit exists here.
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Re: Dice Silverberg 26 Dec 2010 23:17 #527

Hello, Dice!

Please contact me (Rowyne Moonsong) or Eluri Olde in game for a pearl!
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