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TOPIC: Nice to See You Back!

Nice to See You Back! 08 Aug 2013 10:08 #2030

Posted that you were here for any bixies that are going to play.

Meh..they are giving me the game free and letting me have a 2 week trial so WTH...See you in open beta :P
Not quite sure how long I will be around after that but we'll see. EQN isn't due for a while anyway.
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Nice to See You Back! 10 Aug 2013 03:58 #2046

Thanks for the kind words on the Bixies site, Alto! That brought a much needed smile to my day. :)

As it looks like you guys probably won't be going at ARR with a full guild effort, I appreciate you sending any interested people our way.

To be fair, I know some people were diametrically opposed to playing on the roleplay server (which Balmung still unofficially is). If it's still a sticking point for some and you're looking to reconnect with other Hodstockers, you might check out this thread, if you have access to the beta forums. I know MrHyde from EQOA is starting up a Free Company on Midgardsormr and has gathered a few old faces together. Be advised, however, that this is one of the new 'fresh start' servers that only accepts new characters (as opposed to our server, Balmung, which is a legacy server and accepts both 1.0 characters and new characters).

Though I think Balmung is an awesome server with an amazing and helpful community. I hope people will consider giving us a try. :lol:
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