State of the Game - November 2010

Final Fantasy XIV has been live now for approximately a month and a half.  And it teeters on a precipice.

While the game spent nearly five years in development, the actual testing period was on a strict six month schedule.  Beta test feedback was collected forum-style, which allowed for the community as a whole to bounce ideas off each other and to see the overwhelming volume of feedback itself.  In the final stages of testing, when the game should have been in the spit and polish phase, beta testers nervously watched as the development team was still making major core changes right up until the end.

It was obvious that the game wasn't ready for release.  But despite pleas from concerned fans to wait, Square Enix forged ahead and released Final Fantasy XIV in late September 2010.

To say that reviews have been unkind would be putting it lightly.  If SE wasn't listening to feedback before, they're certainly listening now.

Which brings us back to the aforementioned precipice.

An ambitious list of large-scale changes are promised for late November, mid-December and early 2001.  Changes that will either win back dissatisfied players, or push them away for good.

Here are just a few of the upcoming changes:

  • Alleviation of lag issues.
  • More tutorials and quests.
  • Major upgrades to the UI and market system.
  • A separate interface for PC players that supports mouse-based options like drag-and-drop and right-click commands.
  • Overhaul of the map system to display key information such as party member location.
  • Notorious monsters and more roaming monsters throughout the world.
  • A lift on the ban of third-party tools.  Players will be able to develop add-ons to improve the UI for themselves.

Read the following for more information:

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