Heavensturn and the Usagi Kabuto (12/27/2010)

Read all about Eorzea's traditional new year event—Heavensturn.

December Version Updates

The December version updates have arrived and bring a number of changes and improvements, as well as all-new content!

The mid December update includes the release of notorious monsters and the guildleves calling for their eradication, new monster types, a wide variety of new gear and items, improvements to item repairs, a second retainer, and much more!  Full details can be found here.

The late December update introduces the item search feature to the market wards and a number of bug fixes.  Full details can be found here.

The Starlight Celebration (12/13/2010)

The Starlight Celebration

The first Eorzean Starlight Celebration begins Wednesday December 15th!


New Development Team, PS3 Release Delayed

Square Enix announced today some dramatic changes taking place behind the scenes to get FFXIV back on track:

  • Hiromichi Tanaka has stepped down as producer.
  • The PlayStation 3 release has been delayed.
  • The free trial period has been extended until further notice.
  • Eight other staffing changes on the development team.
  • An additional version update is now slated for December release.

Version Update Details (11/25/2010)

The first of the major version updates is here!  The entirety of changes can be found below and on the Lodestone.


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